Porcelain production is very much a craft, as it remains today. Artistic taste and hand-craftsmanship influenced the development of the porcelain industry in Europe, as in no other industry. During the second half of the 19th century the industry prospered and by the beginning of 20th century some 60,000 people were employed in porcelain making in Germany.

Since this time Kaiser Porzellan has become a reference point for those who love fine and delicate porcelain. In Germany there are few households in which at least one of our products cannot be found, whether it’s a bisque vase, a figurine or a piece of a dining set.

But it’s not only in Germany that Kaiser Porzellan has gained the reputation of being a synonym for fine porcelain: royalty, as well as famous personalities in politics, sport and entertainment have also become dedicated to our porcelain. So, it is with some pride that we say:

Kaiser Porzellan is V.I.P. ... very important porcelain ... for life’s beautiful and special moments.

Isn’t life too short not to make every moment a special moment?

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Your team at Kaiser-Porzellan